Olio di Olivo Verde - Extra Vergine

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This is an organic, extra vergine green olive oil with an exceptionally refined aroma and taste. Picked just before ripening in October for the perfect green olive oil, from trees growing on the rocky soil of the ancient olive groves of Constantine I, Emperor of Rome.

This exclusive oil has a vibrant, glossy green color and a rich sensory profile: a nose of citrus fruits, basil leaves and exotic woods and aromas of green tomato, artichoke and a hint of seaweed.


Our extra vergine oil is brimming with naturally occurring healthy ingredients, boosting your immune system:

- Vitamins: A, E and K
- Minerals: Iron, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium
- anti-oxidants
- enzymes
- amino acids

The exceptional quality end exquisite taste of this oil make it perfect for enjoying it pure, with freshly baked bread, for your salads or for your fresh pasta.